Cotton Moisture Meter


General Information 

For a successful cotton harvest a farmer knows that a moisture meter will not only provide but will ensure quality cotton.  A cotton meter is an essential tool for checking proper moisture levels.

The right moisture level is a key factor during the ginning process, and also determines the quality of the cotton fibres. For the longest and strongest cotton fibers, you need to ensure optimal levels of moisture, and a moisture meter is the best tool for the job.

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Delmhorst C-2000 Cotton Moisture Meter

The Best tool for measuring moisture in Cotton

Delmhorst 52-E/C Cup for C-2000 Meter

Used for Wool, Lint Cotton and Seed Cotton

Delmhorst 30-E/C Electrode

Two insulated pins with 8.5" penetration

Delmhorst 37-E/C Electrode

Eight insulated pins with 1" penetration

Delmhorst 12-E Electrode

Double-Roller Type Electrode

Delmhorst 55-E Electrode

Leaf Type Electrode on a moving web

Delmhorst H-4 Electrode Handle

Electrode Handle for Prods