The company MERLIN Technology was founded in 1995 by Johann Reisinger. At the beginning the trade was in wood processing machinery and planning overall solutions for surface engineering.

Non-destructive wood moisture meters were added to the product range and these are now enjoying an international reputation and are exported to 70 countries. Today the product range includes simple equipment for the end user and systems for the professional.

Merlin moisture meters are specialized for furniture, wood, sawmill and veneer.  They also sell the worlds smallest moisture called the Merlin MiniMoist which measures the moisture in firewood and masonry.

The Merlin Moisture Meters we sell either measure a Density of 370-670kg/mor High Density (HD) of 450-950kg/m3.  The difference is only between their density ranges where the average range, 370-670, is good for North American Wood while the Higher Density is can also be used for NA wood but mainly used for exotic woods such as bamboo. 

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Merlin EVO SM 25mm Lumber Wood Moisture Meter

Digital Pinless measurement for Lumber - wood with Species Densities of 175 - 1075 kg/m³
$501.99 $421.99

Merlin EVO WW 13mm Non Invasive Wood Moisture Meter

Pinless EVO WW Moisture Meter for Wood. Super Species Density Range 175-1075 kg/m³
$492.99 $421.99

Merlin Hardwood Flooring and Furniture Moisture Meter HM9-WS13

NEW Merlin HM9-WS13 for Hardwood Flooring and Furniture
$334.99 $281.99

Merlin HM8-WS1 HD Veneer Moisture Meter for Exotics

The Merlin HM8-WS1 HD is specifically made to measure Single Sheets of Veneer around 1-2 mm or the top layer of engineered Exotics & North American hardwoods.
$487.99 $350.00

Merlin HM8-WS13 HD Moisture Meter

6 Cursor Settings to choose from different Wood Densities

Merlin HM8-WS25 Moisture Meter

Measure Boards over 3/4" with Speed and Accuracy
$410.00 $369.00

Merlin HM8-WS25 HD Moisture Meter

Measure Boards over 3/4" with Speed and Accuracy
$410.00 $369.00

Merlin MiniMoist Moisture Meter

Worlds Smallest Moisture Meter
$95.00 $64.00

Merlin non invasive ECO 10 HD Wood Moisture Meter

ECO 10 HD Measures moisture non invasively in High Density Wood from 450-950 kg/m³
$280.00 $299.99

Merlin Non Invasive ECO 10 Wood Moisture Meter

Pinless Moisture Meter Measures Standard Density Wood from 370-670 kg/m³
$280.00 $181.25

Rubber Protector

Heavy Duty Rubber Protection Case for Merlin Moisture meters

Test Board for Pinless Moisture Meters

For Merlin moisture meters of EVO, HM8-WS, HM9 and ECO series.

Merlin Technology Vario-Pro Profile Sander

Hand Held Molding Sander for contoured Surfaces