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IQ Flex 20 datasheet


IQ Flex 20 User Manual


Imbotec CCM2 Rhopoint IQ 20/60/85, DOI Meter - Triple Angle, Haze, RIQ

Imbotec Coatings & Concrete Clarity Meter Plus with triple Angle, DOI and narrow angle Haze

Imbotec IQ 20/60 Gloss, DOI Meter, RIQ, Haze

The IQ DOI by Rhopoint measures gloss DOI RSPEC and Haze in one single measurement.

NovoGloss Flex 60

Novo Gloss Flex 60

Novo Gloss Dual-gloss 20°/60°

You can try it for a week before you buy it. Find out how.

Novo Gloss Trigloss 20° / 60°/ 85° + Haze

You can try it for a week before you buy it. Find out how.

MFFT 90 - Minimum Film Forming Temperature

MFFT 90 - Min. Film Forming Temperature Bar up to 90 degrees C comes with one Cube Applicator, other sizes available
$21,250.00 $19,650.00

MFFT 60 - Minimum Film Forming Temperature

The MFFT (Minimum Film Forming Temperature) displays the minimum temperature at which a water-borne synthetic latex or emulsion will coalesce when laid on a substrate as a thin film.
$20,295.00 $19,150.00

Calibration 10GU Standard Tile with ISO 17025 Certificate

Low Mirror gloss replacement calibration tile for the Novo-Gloss 60º, Novo-Gloss 20/60º and Novo-Gloss 20/60/85º.